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Julie Svinicki Testimonials


Back in 1997, we contacted Julie Svinicki to help us purchase a house in Ann Arbor. She was an incredible realtor and found us the perfect house in an unsurpassed family neighborhood! Fast forward 20 years ..... as soon as we knew we were moving to Mt. Pleasant last spring, we immediately tracked down Julie and hired her as our seller's agent. The ensuing years have turned Julie from "incredible" to AMAZING --- a realtor with unparalleled professionalism and endless talents! The time Julie spent guiding us to make our home "show-worthy," coordinating contractors, and regularly meeting with us one-on-one far exceeded our (or anyone else's!) expectations. In addition, Julie's negotiation skills enabled us to get an excellent price for our home. Julie Svinicki is simply the best, and we were so fortunate to have her in our corner!
-Wendy and Larry Lemke | August 14, 2017


Julie went above and beyond in the sale of our home in Ann Arbor. Her ability to judge the condition of the house in the current market was instrumental in setting the appropriate price. She guided us through all of the interactions and was very understanding of the fact that this is sometimes more than a business transaction. Julie was even instrumental with the purchase of our new home, in a different market. The purchase wasn't going as planned, and she helped position us with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision, something our buying agent was lacking. I WILL be recommending Julie to any of our friends in Ann Arbor if they are ever in a position to move.
-Malloree and Matthew Neuman | June 2, 2017


Julie Svinicki is our family hero this month. Her fine reputation preceded her and we knew who to call when Bobbi got serious. Julie is not just a wonderful neighbor and human being, she is phenomenal realtor. The entire time - she made my mom feel (and her adult children) like her only clients. We are truly grateful for the ease in which Julie guided the Rice Family through change and uncertainty. Pass it on!
-Laura Rice-Oeschger | via Facebook  May 22, 2017


Julie Svinicki was a pleasure to work with. Very helpful and informative in the selling process. Our home sold in 3 days over asking price due to her.
-Sheila and Jim Becker | August  17, 2016


I would like to introduce you to Julie Svinicki -- she is an incredible Realtor – helped us buy our house and sold our house in less than 4 days. The beauty was that she knew exactly what we wanted – found the house that we should buy, got us in to the house the day it was launched on the market and had an offer in before midnight – we got the house b/c she beat 2 other offers by just a few hours. As you will find – really good houses in this area are sort of hard to find – she having a great realtor is key.
-Aileen Huang-Saad—personal referral to David Jsa, who purchased his first home shortly afterward
with Julie.


Julie is the best Realtor in town—she sold our house and it wasn’t even on the market!
-John & Lisa Gray via Facebook



During the sale of our home in Ann Arbor we were very stressed and on the edge but you managed to deal with us in a very professional way and put our minds at ease. We were mainly concerned by the fact that a colleague of yours, recently treated us pretty bad at the beginning by being constantly condescending and and not communicating well with us.

But all is well when it ends well. Thank you for what you did for us and we will always be kindly thinking about you. Best $10K we spent! Any time you need a reference from a happy customer we'll be glad to provide that to you.
-Ovidiu and Liliana Toader


Julie is a DYNAMO! You will not be disappointed if she is your Realtor — she works very hard for you!
-Gary & Kathy Wilkinson via Facebook


This letter is written as a strong recommendation for Julie Svinicki. As a Human Resources Manager with the Ford Motor Company, I have relocated numerous times around the United States. Under the best of circumstances, the process of selling and/or buying a house can add to the stress associated with relocating your family and starting a new job. In my experience, the caliber of the Realtor supporting our relocations significantly impacted the quality of our moves and our resultant satisfaction with our new homes. Julie Svinicki did a truly exceptional job supporting my family and I in our home search in the Ann Arbor area. The personal service, attention, responsiveness and experience were easily the best that we had ever experienced. Julie's knowledge of the local real estate market and her extensive network of contacts were extremely valuable. Julie confidently and professionally represented our interests and wishes during the home search, negotiations and throughout the entire home purchase process.
-Steve and Anissa Majer (Steve - Ford HR Mgmnt) | Jan 29, 2012 


Julie Svinicki personifies high-energy, hard work, creativity and AWESOME communication skills! More importantly, she can be trusted completely and she "speaks the truth", always. Julie is solution-oriented and with her experience in the marketplace, you can be completely confident you are in the very best hands when you entrust her with your real estate needs! I truly couldn't give anyone a more affirmative recommendation...than I give to Julie Svinicki! :)
-Terry Brown (former President, Metropolitan Title Company) | Jan 26, 2012


“Julie is a fantastic realtor, the best one that we have ever met. She helped us sell our house in Michigan this summer. She has great communication skills and is very professional. She always replied our emails and calls quickly. Everything she rec-ommended works and she helped us sell the house within one month, and also at our favorable price, which is about $5,000 higher than another realtor we interviewed before her. One thing I like her most is that as a realtor, she cares about what will work best for us. Selling home is not an easy process, but we couldn’t make this without her!”
-Jinyao Zhang & Wang Chun | September 25, 2012 via LinkedIn 


I appreciated how carefully you listened to my concerns and I felt that throughout the entire process--from the search, to the initial offer and negotiation, to the inspection, to the move-in-- that you were always on my side, looking out for my best interests in dealing both with sellers and other agents.
-Stephen Berry | Mar 16, 2011


Julie was truly amazing in her ability to accommodate our schedules that made it possible to put a bid on a house at the end of each of our several day longs visits. The place we ended up getting turned out to be quite complicated requiring multiple inspectors (including asbestos inspector who unfortunately, found asbestos). That is when Julie truly went into high gear. She worked until 10PM one night with Denise and me putting in a proposal to the sellers. The sellers eventually agreed to have all asbestos removed. I was very impressed, drawing the analogy to the long hours that we physicians put in when at the bedside of a sick patient. I am very happy that we went with the Reinhart Relocation team and I whole-heartedly recommend Julie to any future recruits that relocate to Ann Arbor!
-Jakub Simon and Denise Kozikowski (Jakub - Nano Bio of A2) |Sep 1, 2010



Thanks for everything! We couldn't have done it without your help! Keep in touch.
-Doug and Tina Gross | Sep 30, 2011


We have been very happy working with Julie Svinicki as our seller's agent. From home staging tips to marketing strategies to contract negotiations, Julie has been fantastic. For example, during the buyer's inspection, they found an issue with Orangeburg Tile, and Julie was able to work out a solution by contacting the right people and keeping the buyer motivated. And when our appraisal came in lower than we had expected, Julie worked with the buyer's lending agency to fix the discrepancy. Julie helped us sell our house in three months, and at asking price. We couldn't have asked for more!
-Amy and Stephen McKenna | May 11, 2011


To Whom It May Concern,

We hired Julie as our realtor to buy a home in Ann Arbor, MI at the beginning of 2009. From the beginning, we liked her professionalism and friendly demeanor. She was very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Ann Arbor and its surrounding towns. Her key contacts in the community helped us in our search for our home. Julie seems well-regarded and respected by her local peers in real-estate; that proved very helpful for us. After patiently going through a few listings and visiting a few of the houses, Julie quickly understood the kind of home and community we wanted for our growing family. We found a house we really liked in a matter of days. Then, she was very competent at helping us make the best offer considering matters like the amount of time the house had been on the market, the kind of seller we were dealing with, and the real estate market (national and local) at that particular time. The property was listed for $399,000, but we purchased it for $371,500; a great deal for a great house.

Rather unexpectedly, a year later, work asked us to move and we had to sell our home. We contacted Julie once again. She was also a great seller. She gave us good, direct advice on how to “stage” the home and at what price we should list it. We listed the house at $389,900, and after receiving 3 competing offers (a seller’s dream), we sold it for $399,000. Julie handled the multiple offers very well making phone calls and negotiating all along the way. We felt that she always had our best interests in mind. She warned us that the offer price was not everything, and we should also consider the financial state of potential buyers as well as their respective stipulations. This proved to be very useful, and profitable, advice.
Regardless of whether you are buying or selling in the Ann Arbor area, we gladly recommend Julie Svinicki to protect your best interests and help you manage the process. Julie balances her sweet and positive attitude with solid negotiation skills and a thorough knowledge of her local market. In many ways, Julie is our benchmark when we consider realtors--wherever we are.
-Alex and Caterina Sokolowski


Awesome, reliable & trustworthy. If you need her, Julie will be there!
- Maricarmen Medina via Facebook